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Sameer Verma

“Losing weight and having a healthier body are my goals. I am always looking forward to my weekly training because Trainers will make it fun but they push me at times. The weekly schedule and location are fixed to my convenience.”


Raju Singh

“They were very welcoming and able to explain the registration process clearly. He was able to provide advice and assess what is best for my fitness goals. He was patient and displays an overall great attitude in supporting new-comers. Well done!”


Namita Yadav

“I would like to commend on the trainers for assisting with me on my workout routine and introducing new workout regime. They are extremely nice and friendly & wish for the best in your future endeavours.“


Pankaj Tyrewala

"I’m a walking advertisement for the gym. I don’t say anything – people just ask me how I got these results! It's possible even after age 40 and with my history of knee meniscus tear and blood pressure problems."


Rohit Sood

“I have been training in the gym for the better part of last year and can't have asked for a better gym and trainers. His personality and coaching approach is positive and inspires discipline and dedication. I couldn't have asked for a better trainer and highly recommend him to those who are looking for a way to establish a balanced and sustained fitness regimen.“


Preeti Singh

“I tried countless ways of losing weight and had no results. This gym’s personal training Programme was the only method with a holistic approach that solved my weight loss and chronic health problems in a safe and sustainable way.”

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Nitin Bagai

“The fitness programme helped guide me along my journey to a nice lean physique. The team guided, encouraged and educated me in every area I needed to get the results I wanted.”

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Heera Nayar

“I, age 33, had tried exercise, yo-yo diets and very low-carb diets before with temporary success. But like many people, he found those un-sustainable and even gained back some weight. In 5 Months, I dropped 22kg of fat and went from 104kg to 82kg. He also lost 25cm on his waist (117 to 92cm).”


Ashish Tripathi

“I had been keeping up my fitness with running and some body-weight exercises but wanted to bring my strength and muscles to the next level. Within 12 weeks of personal training, I dropped 6kg of fat from 21% fat down to 10.5% while maintaining all my lean mass. I improved in all fitness categories from running to chin-ups and push-ups.”

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